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Yes, I FINALLY finished edits on Innocent (Inequitable Trilogy 2)! It’s literally the longest book I’ve ever written (almost 212k words). Thanks for your patience while it took me longer than anticipated to get it released. Now, I’m working on edits on Incisive to get it released.

Innocent is now available on Kindle, Google, and Smashwords for immediate purchase. It’s been uploaded to D2D to go to Apple, Nook, and Kobo, and you can pre-order it there. (It should be available by the 29th on those sites.)


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Fear shouldn’t feel this good…

Jordan Walsh never imagined he’d find himself in a strange, secret, sexy tug-of-war between Vice President Elliot Woodley and Leo Cruz, President Samuels’ body man. Every ounce of common sense in Jordan’s head tells him to run—not walk—fast and far from both men. The problem is, they’ve tangled Jordan so deeply in their web he’s not sure he wants to leave.

Unfortunately, there are those who’d stoop to anything to twist Elliot to their will.

And the last thing standing between Elliot and complete destruction…is Jordan.

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He shouldn’t but he will–again.

Leo Cruz is a retired Secret Service agent. Even though he survived a small-plane crash, being the body man for President ShaeLynn Samuels is frequently the most terrifying job he’s ever held.

VP Elliot Woodley is deep in the closet and has his eye on being POTUS in eight years. Trouble is, Leo can’t seem to let Elliot go despite Elliot’s inability to commit to something long-term between them.

In walks young staffer Jordan Walsh, like a lamb among starving lions.

And Leo’s feeling pretty damn hungry.

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Now Available on Kindle: Innocent (Inequitable Trilogy 2)
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