Now Available: The Triple Trouble Prequel Collection! This box set contains the three prequels to the Triple Trouble shifter series:

  • Boiling Point
  • Steam
  • Fire and Ice

(There is no new content in these books.)

The Triple Trouble Prequel Collection (Vol. 1)

Yes, I’m working on more books in this series. But Ryan Ausar and his archdemons from the Good Will Ghost Hunting series have to be completed first because of how they entwined themselves. (Darn characters, anyway.)

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Monday was the release day for Never Too Late for Love (Suncoast Society 60, MMMF, BDSM). Yes, another Tilly story. (And yes, there will be more stories featuring those characters in the future.)


Bob never dreamed he’d have a chance with Tilly once Landry entered her life. Now he’s faced with the chance of forever with not only Tilly, but Cris and Landry, too. He’s never wanted anything more, and will do anything to convince them he means it.

Cris always knew Landry was sneaky, but this takes the cake. He enjoys watching the metaphorical chess game between Landry and Tilly. Meanwhile, he’s determined to forge his own bonds with Bob.

Tilly knows Landry is an ethical sadist, but still isn’t sure why he’s so okay with adding Bob to their family. She can play the game as well as the sneaky sadist can. As Landry works to convince her this new world order won’t destroy their carefully balanced dynamic, she knows they have to get things right or risk not only their hearts being broken, but their daughter’s, too. Is this really perfection? Or is heartache hiding just out of sight?

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Also available for pre-order: Blues Beach (Suncoast Society 61, MF, BDSM) by Tymber Dalton. (No, it’s NOT FemDom, that’s just the cover the publisher created for it.)


Tracey knows she’s lucky. She has a chance to rebuild her life—and her relationship with her daughter, Emma—in a healthy way. But when she’s forced to travel to California for a cousin’s funeral, she dreads seeing her family and enduring the insults she knows will follow. Except…she didn’t expect to rekindle something with her old boyfriend, Eric.

Widowed and with his dreams shattered, Eric easily recalls the love he’s always held for Tracey. Whether this is a second chance or a one-time weekend to remember remains to be seen. Either way, he’ll take the opportunity, no matter how short, to be with her.

But Emma isn’t so trusting. And when another complication crops up, Tracey runs a very real risk of losing Emma a second time and that’s something Eric will not allow Tracey to do.

So how do you woo a genius super-villain in training into liking you, much less accepting you as one of her “dads?”

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Now Available: Triple Trouble Prequel Collection
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