Fecking April… How you doin’?

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Soooo… It’s like Febmarpril the 772nd. Right?

No? Fucking feels like it though. Like the graphic says… BAM. Oatmeal raisin.


How’s everyone hanging in there? I hope you’re all safe and healthy (and haven’t killed the loved ones you’re quarantined with). I’m close to listing Incisive on Amazon, so stay tuned. I’ve delayed the release of the Devout Trilogy until June, though.

Hubby (who’s 70) has already said I’ll get no arguments from him about staying home. He has no desire to catch this crap. My parents are also being careful, so yay. We’re stocked up on food and now I don’t need to get much from the store except things like fresh produce for Sheldon (our tortoise), or milk, eggs, stuff like that. I’m making a lot of stuff and freezing leftovers so we don’t have to cook as much, either.

I just don’t understand the logic of rushing to reopen everything. We’re just going to have to do another closure when infection rates spike. I understand people are hurting (which is why we need our government to fucking do their goddamned job and provide relief for citizens) but wanting to get your hair colored is NOT a fucking emergency that’s worth risking your life.

And wear a fucking mask or bandana or something. No, it’s not one of the “proper” ones, but you know what? It’s also a visual reminder to stay the fuck away from people and not touch your face unless you’ve washed your hands.

You can lecture me all you want about your “civil liberties,” but your freedoms do not give you the right to put other people at risk. Except for VERY rare instances, wearing a face covering of some sort is NOT going to hurt you. It’s an inconvenience, yes, I admit that. I’m there with you. But you know what? I’m still fucking wearing one when I go out. Because it’s not about YOU, it’s about trying to prevent passing it to other people (you don’t know if you’re an asymptomatic carrier or not, chances are).

Like grocery store clerks, who make shit for pay to start with. So stop being dicks to people. And stop wearing your refusal to chip in for the common good as some fucking badge of honor. It’s not. It’s a sign of selfish narcissism, that you think you’re above wearing a mask. If you want to put yourself and your loved ones and other people at risk, okay, be a douchebag. But don’t compound that douchery by going after people and belittling them for wearing masks.

Believe me, we’re already judging you for being a douche for not wearing a mask. You don’t need to open your mouth and prove it.

(Sorry, needed to spleen-vent there.)

Did you see that Saudade (Maxim Colonies 3) is now available?

Saudade (Maxim Colonies 3) (Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli RIchardson)

(Sci-fi/futuristic, MF, human/alien romance)

The love that remains…

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The love that remains…

Kivia Quigley never expected to be the mother-in-law to an eight-foot-tall pink alien, but she’s not complaining. The widow is more than happy to have some joy in her family’s life, for a change.

And when she meets Dr. Mafer H’looder, a brilliant Veraci scientist, she realizes that, despite their drastic physiological differences, they have a lot more in common than just being able to speak each other’s languages.

Like grief, longing, and loneliness

And a greedy, megalomaniacal psychopath determined to get what he wants out of both of them.

There will be more books in this series.

  1. Jailmates
  2. Farborn
  3. Saudade

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Fecking April… How you doin’?
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