Review Round-up

I’m behind (what’s new?) in posting the great reviews I’ve received the past couple of weeks. Woot!! The Reluctant Dom (writing as Tymber Dalton) received 5 canes from Bound to Review (Read full review.) This is another emotionally charged unconventional book by Ms Dalton. It shows how many people have misconceptions about BDSM lifestyles and … Read More

*dance dance dance!*

That little happy dance is me celebrating dropping the signed contract in the mail to Siren-BookStrand for my latest Tymber Dalton book, “Safe Harbor.” Woot!

Release Day: Three Dog Night (Triple Trouble 3)

Woot! It’s release day! The third book in my Triple Trouble shape-shifter series, “Trouble Comes in Threes” (writing as Tymber Dalton) is now available from Siren-BookStrand: Blurb: [Menage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Quatre Romance, F/M/M/M, Shape-Shifters] For Elain Pardie, every night is a three dog night. With Ain, Brodey, and Cail Lyall as … Read More

Here there be dragons…

Yes, I know, new blog header. I love dragons. Love love luuurrrrvvv them. I went to a local shop the other day with BFF because I’d won a drawing for a “body bag” (turns out no, it wasn’t a body bag, it was a bag full of bath and body supplies) and ended up with … Read More

How “real” do you like it?

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written. Been swamped in a good way! And on Monday, July 20th, “Hell’s Bells,” the second book in the Good Will Ghost Hunting series, is coming from Lyrical Press. Today’s question is pitched out to readers and writers alike, because I’m interested in hearing from both sides … Read More

"Love at First Bight" Up for Book of the Week!

Two weeks in a row, one of my Tymber Dalton books is up for book of the week at Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews/The Long and the Short of It. Voting is today (3/7) and tomorrow (3/8). “Love at First Bight” (writing as Tymber Dalton) received their Best Book rating in a review! Apparently … Read More

"Love Slave for Two" Earns Best Book Rating!

I’m so excited!!! My Tymber Dalton book, “Love Slave for Two,” received a “Best Book” review ranking at Long and Short of It/Whipped Cream reviews, AND it’s nominated in the poll for best book of the week! Yes, shameless begging for votes to follow! *LOL* You can vote today (2/28) and tomorrow (3/1) for … Read More

"How did you think of THAT?"

I get this question a lot. I’m sure other writers do too, probably, but the wide variety of subject matter, themes, and settings I use in my stories probably prompt it quite a bit more often. Let’s face it, I write everything from sweet contemporary romance to sci-fi to BDSM erotica, to Stephen King-esque contemporary … Read More

Brrrr! and Yippee!!

It’s COLD! I know, you northerners are saying, “Wuss!” But we’re not used to this kind of weather down here in the Sunshine State! (And remember how you groused later when you have to pay out the wahzoo for tomatoes and other produce that comes from our state this time of year!) There is a … Read More

Busy busy busy…

Wow, I sat down to tally things up, and I realized it’s no wonder I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. (Not that I’m complaining! *LOL*) I’ve got several new projects releasing in the next few weeks, both as myself and Tymber Dalton. “Doggy Style” – Amira Press (coming Jan. 23!) “Dog … Read More

"Love at First Bight" a Bestseller!

My latest Tymber Dalton novel, “Love at First Bight,” is currently near the top of the BookStrand bestseller charts after just being released on Friday! Whoo hoo! AND… My first Tymber Dalton novel, “Love Slave for Two,” is STILL on BookStrand’s bestseller list over a month after release!

Not enough fingers!

I went this weekend with my husband to a dinner with his co-workers and I was asked several times how many books I’ve got coming in 2009. I realized (with some surprise) that it’s…a lot. *LOL* NOT complaining, mind you! *G* And the question, “How do you keep them all straight?” came to mind. That … Read More

Catching up – colds, contests, commentary (enough with the alliteration!)

I’m sick…again. Ugh. I hate having a cold! “Love Slave for Two” is still having a great run on BookStrand’s bestseller list! AND…I got a 5 Blue Ribbon review for it, too!! 5 Blue Ribbons: “I was enthralled and entranced the entire time it took for me to read Love Slave for Two. Tyler and … Read More

FIVE Star Review: for "Love Slave for Two" ReviewYourBoook.com5 stars “Love Slave For Two is one of the best stories I’ve read in years…and I’ve read a lot of stories. Tymber Dalton examines the family dynamics of a nontraditional family. I do not normally enjoy male/male stories but this one has depth, love, and romance. Tyler, Thomas, and Nevvie work well together. … Read More

"Love Slave for Two" Hits NUMBER ONE!!

*Snoopy dancing!* I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning to see my Tymber Dalton novel, “Love Slave for Two,” is now at NUMBER ONE on BookStrand’s 14-day bestseller list!! WHOO HOO!!