#TBT #backlist – Accidentally on Porpoise (Placida Pod)

Anyone who knows me or who’s followed me on social media for any length of time knows I have a fondness for puns.


When I saw a news story about dolphins in Sarasota Bay waters a few years ago, my mind immediately spun to dolphin shifters…and puns.

(Yes, I know they’re not porpoises, but you try making dolphin puns.)

Hence a five-book series (with more to come in the future) called the Placida Pod was spawned. There’s a little crossover into my Triple Trouble series, but you can read these without reading the others.

The first book in the series is Accidentally on Porpoise, and is MM.


Sean Morita and Emery Nadel are about to find out that sometimes true love is more than a lucky fluke when you meet Accidentally on Porpoise.

Sean didn’t expect to run into—and nearly over—Mr. Right while out in his boat. He’s thankful the naked hunk isn’t badly hurt. He’s even more thankful the naked hunk wants to go home with him.

Although when Mr. Right claims to be a dolphin, Sean wonders how hard he got hit in the head.

If Emery hadn’t been so busy chasing another tail—literally—he wouldn’t have done something so stupid as running straight into the path of a boat. Lucky for him that Sean, the boat’s owner, is even hunkier than the piece of dolphin tail he’d been chasing.

Unfortunately, Emery’s pod thinks he should stick to his own kind. There are those who would try to hurt Sean if Emery won’t let him go. Can Emery protect the man he loves?


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Print: Amazon | B&N (Note – Books 1 and 2 are combined in the same print volume.)

Reading Order:

1) Accidentally On Porpoise (mm)
2) Porpoiseful Intent (mm)
3) Without Porpoise (mm)
4) Porpoisefully Yours (mm)
5) Dual Porpoise (mf – Wyatt’s book, with some crossover into the Triple Trouble world.)

(Note: While available separately as e-books, books 1 and 2 are combined in one print volume.)

There will be more books in this series.

Related Characters/Stories:

Lina, Jan, Rick, and Callie (Placida Pod 3) also appear in the Triple Trouble series. Events of Book 4, Porpoisefully Yours, overlap with events of Triple Trouble 6 A Wolf in the Fold.

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#TBT #backlist – Accidentally on Porpoise (Placida Pod)
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