Yikes… Buh-bye, Dorian; new in print, and more.

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For starters, my thoughts are with the people of the Bahamas. They will never be the same in the aftermath of this catastrophe. These storms are no laughing matter, and their destructive capacity is why you swear and prepare, then celebrate if you don’t need the preparations.

And in other news, I have enough canned chicken and crackers to feed us for…a while.

We were extremely lucky that Dorian’s track shifted and kept us out of the worst of the storm. It’s a little rainy today, some gusty winds, nothing abnormal for a summer day in Florida, though, thank goodness.

Believe me, I’d rather have false alarms than not be ready. Every time.

Now, I need to get back to work. I have shifters, politicians, and some archdemons impatiently waiting for me to finish their books. I do have two new print releases, however, so keep reading to check that out…

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Both Farborn (Maxim Colonies 2) and Poly are now available in print formats!

Farborn (Maxim Colonies 2) writing as Lesli Richardson

NOTE: If you pre-ordered this from Amazon, you might have received the wrong file version, and massive apologies for that! You should have 28 numbered chapters, NOT 25. If you got the wrong version, please delete it and re-download it. If you read the wrong version, get the correct one and please back up a few chapters because you missed a bunch.

(Sci-fi/futuristic, M/NB, m-preg.)

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

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He’s not from around here…

Davies McKellan is a man without a true home. The cocky mining contractor navigator has spent his entire adult life roaming the stars and refusing to be tied down by anyone.

But that doesn’t come without cost. Like loneliness.

When Davies makes his first run to the planet Pfahrn, he meets Olarte, a Pfahrn who intrigues him in ways he never dreamed possible.

Except duplicity and deadly secrets are a killer combo that’ll make any man rethink his past. And if the eight-foot-tall green alien is Davies’ future, he might be down for that. He’s got priorities, though.

Like making sure they uncover the truth first, and don’t die in the process.

Poly (mmf, contemporary romance)


I love my husband…and his boyfriend.

And he loves us. Love isn’t always neat and tidy.

Unfortunately, there are those who don’t understand. When we finally decide to be a family together, it means we have to fight to keep what we love before others rip us apart.

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Yikes… Buh-bye, Dorian; new in print, and more.
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