Yes, Governor now available!

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If you missed Yes, Governor (Governor Trilogy 3.5 4) when it was released as part of the Passion, Pleasure, Pain anthology, I have good news! It’s now available individually. There is NO new content, though. So if you bought the anthology, it’s the exact same story.

Yes, originally I had it labelled as Governor Trilogy 3.5, but then I realized that some of the sales outlets won’t let you do a .5 for a series number. So, now it’s 4. LOL

And yes, it’s the correct file up on Amazon. LOL It’ll be showing up on other sites in the next day or two, and I’ll update the links as it goes live. Right now it’s live on Smashwords and Amazon.

Yes, Governor: A Governor Trilogy Novella (Governor Trilogy 4)

(MMF, contemporary political romance)

Can his wily political pets outsmart the Master?

Writing As: Lesli Richardson

Release Date (as a standalone): 09/03/2019

As chief of staff to the governor of Florida, Carter has a well-deserved rep as a bastard extraordinaire. But when he’s dealing with two governors for the price of one on Christmas Eve, will the Master find himself outmatched and outmaneuvered by his wily political pets?

Note: This standalone short story takes place after Chief (Governor Trilogy 3) and can be read as a standalone independent from the trilogy. This is a re-release. If you read it as part of the Passion, Pleasure, Pain benefit anthology, it does not contain any new content.

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Yes, Governor now available!
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