You know, sometimes, I can be stubborn. (Cue sarcastic replies from literally everyone who knows me.)

When I first created the Bleacke Shifters covers for books 1-4 back in 2012 (even before the first four books were all written) I wanted that quirky kind of cover for it. It fit the series, the non-traditional hero, the kick-ass heroine. And I stubbornly refused to change them.

Now, six years since making those covers, I had to make one for book 5, A Bleacke Christmas, which I’m releasing next May. And I started thinking, hmmm. Maybe I should try to experiment.

Well, the very first one was like making pancakes–sacrificial. Got it out of my system, but then came up with an idea to let my Tymber’s Trybe group pick. I selected a few background pictures I liked and let them choose the one I ended up using. I love the final result.

Then, of course, because I’m slammed with edits and writing and a shit-ton of other things I SHOULD be doing, what do I do?

Exactly. I redesigned the first four covers and the cover for the box set.

I’m in the process of uploading the new covers to the sales outlets, and will update the print and audiobook covers as well. The content is unchanged, however.

You can see all the new covers over on the Bleacke Shifters page.

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Cover facelift – Bleacke Shifters series.