Blessed Mabon!

Blessed Mabon, Happy Fall Equinox (for Northern Hemisphere peeps), and let’s hope fall is a damn sight better season than summer was to us!! I now use MailChimp for my newsletter. If you’d like to subscribe, please follow this link and make sure to reply to the confirmation e-mail. Thanks! ICYMI: See You Sometime available … Read More

Blessed Mabon and Happy Equinox!

It’s the first day of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere. 🙂 So Blessed Mabon and Happy Equinox! 🙂 Namaste, peeps, and Blessed Be! 🙂 )0(

Blessed Mabon, peeps! And Gidget’s new minion.

Blessed Mabon, peeps! (Or Happy Autumnal Equinox for everyone else in the northern hemisphere. LOL) Spent a very long, wonderful weekend at Florida Power Exchange. Physically exhausting, but mentally and emotionally recharging. This was their second year, and I’ve been honored to be a judge both years now. It’s a great weekend of classes and … Read More