AHS: Episodes 5, 6, & 7 thoughts. (SPOILER ALERT)

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(Spoilers ahead.)

With Shameless Book Con, I just ran out of time to do a recap, so I’m combining these three episodes. And man, what a ride!

I guessed right when I wondered if they’d flip the trope and give us something more than a slasher flick. YASSS! Holy hand grenades, have we gotten more than a simple slasher homage. Thank goodness! (Go, me! LOL)

Benjamin (Mr. Jingles) really did survive Margaret–sort of. He was revived by Ramirez via dark magic just before he was about to die. They escaped the camp and went on the world’s worst buddy road trip and killed a bunch of people. Then Benjamin got sick of killing and gave Ramirez up, while he ran for Alaska, where he settled down with a prostitute, had a kid, and went to work at a video rental store, in general became a model citizen. Of course. Turns out he was a gentle kind of guy who never wanted to be a murderer. Ironically, he wasn’t a murderer. Not really. Well, sort of…

Ramirez was sentenced to death…and so was Brooke. Because of course the schoolbus full of kids pulled up just as Brooke was administering the coup de grace to psycho Montana. Then Margaret stabbed herself and stumbled out, blamed Brooke, and became a heroine.

Trevor survived in a coma, then came to and blackmailed Margaret into marrying him. Margaret gave up god and became a self-made real estate tycoon. She bought “murder houses” and turned them into realistic tourist attractions. Trevor is a fricking train wreck of epic proportions, and they sort of have a hate-hate kind of marriage. They’re having a bad business year, too, so they decide to have a massive music festival at, where else, Camp Redwood.

Ramirez jailhouse wife comes to visit him and tells him there’s going to be a music festival at Camp Redwood, starring his favorite musician, Billy Idol. Ramirez tries to get Brooke to turn to the dark side and accept Satan, and she tells him to go fuck himself. So when Brooke was being hauled to the death chamber, Ramirez calls upon the forces of darkness, possesses a prison guard, and escapes. Ramirez then tracked Benjamin to Alaska, killed his wife, and left a message in blood.

Meanwhile, Brooke? She gets the needle while Margaret and Trevor watch. But…turns out the masked executioner is Donna, who only drugged Brooke to look dead. (Why didn’t she just come forward to exonerate Brooke? Oh, yeah, because she would’ve been implicated in letting Benjamin free in the first place.)

Benjamin left his infant son with a neighbor and headed south to Camp Redwood.

While all that’s happening, all the dead are trapped at Camp Redwood, natch. Montana’s just as psycho as she was alive. But Xavier and Ray and all the others are there. Along with Margaret’s victims from the previous massacre. It’s their happy hunting grounds, now, and they kill people who wander in. But…

Now we find out there’s more victims. There was an earlier massacre. (Well, hello, LIly Rabe!)

Benjamin’s mother went berserk. She was a widowed mother working at the camp after WWII. Her younger son got killed in an accident when Benjamin was supposed to be watching him, and she then murdered a bunch of camp counselors. Benjamin got the knife from her and when she came after him, he stabbed her in self-defense. Her blood runs into the ground, and you can guess what happened next.

Turns out it was Benjamin’s (Mr. Jingles’) mom who possessed Margaret and made her go psycho. She never was fond of Benjamin, the older son. Her rage and hate over her younger son’s death is what triggered all of this. (Can you say narcissistic mother from literal Hell?) She’s also been terrorizing the other ghosts trapped there with her. She saw that Benjamin liked Margaret, so she possessed her and made her do the killing to take away the thing he loved. (Yeah, that bitch just gotta go.)

Donna hid Brooke in a motel room while she got rid of the effects of the drugs. Then Brooke learns about the music festival and wants to go to get revenge on Margaret. Donna tries to talk her out of it. During an outing at a skating rink, where Donna’s trying to get Brooke’s mind off revenge, they cross paths with a guy (hellloooo, Dylan McDermott, where the hell you been) who claims he’s going to the music festival, too, and needs a ride. At first they say no, then they let him after he helps them get their car started. Of course he’s a serial killer. (But of course.) He nearly kills them, kills a cop, and after Donna and Brooke flip the tables on him, they leave him tied to a phone pole in the middle of nowhere and cut his thumbs off. (He totes deserved it.)

In all of this, we’ve found out the reason Donna’s so obsessed–her father turned out to be a serial killer who killed himself when she stumbled across his activities. She’s trying to figure out why he was the way he was.

Back at Camp Redwood where Margaret is trying to get things ready for the music festival, Trevor sees Montana’s ghost and follows her into the woods, where he ends up making out with her. Montana is aware Ramirez is trying to get to the camp and she sort of perked right up at that news. The ghosts (well, Montana and Xavier) have decided they want to kill as many people as possible at the camp in hopes it will draw a paranormal investigator to the camp to help free them from Purgatory.

Ramirez makes it back to the camp and kills one of the music acts.

Benjamin sits on the dock, where his brother died, trying to talk to him. His mother’s ghost shows up and tells him if Ramirez kills him that he’ll burn in hell. That the only way to save his son is to kill himself and then kill Ramirez. I have a feeling there will be something with his son later at the very end, maybe like in AHS: Apocalypse, because Benjamin kept talking about how he wanted to protect his son. So now Benjamin, aka Mr. Jingles, is really dead-dead now, and trapped in Purgatory at the camp.

RIP: Pretty much everyone, including the psycho serial killer hitchhiker Dylan McDermott’s thumbs, and a bunch of others we didn’t know about. It’s easier to list who’s still alive.

Who’s still alive?

Margaret, Trevor and his giant dick, Brooke, Donna, and helloooo, Leslie Jordan as Margaret’s assistant, Courtney (aka Ashley/Cricket and Quentin). Ramirez is sort of alive, I guess.


Wow. That’s a lot, I know. Doesn’t help I mashed together three episode summaries.

We’ve got familial tragedy repeating itself for several characters. We’ve got narcissistic characters caught up in rage/revenge cycles. We’ve got unlikely unions forming on multiple levels.

And I’m still not sure I’m seeing the overall theme, unless it’s something about revenge/redemption. I don’t know if it’s tying in with “1984” as it relates to George Orwell’s book or not. I don’t think so. (I could be wrong.)

And no, we STILL have not seen Sarah Paulson yet. (Dammit.) Although it’s nice seeing Lily Rabe and Leslie Jordan show up again.

We’ve still got two more episodes, though. And they specifically said that they wanted some sort of paranormal investigator to maybe release them. (Hello, Billie Dean Howard’s character, we can hope.)

If you gave up on AHS: 1984, maybe think about going back and giving it another shot. (Then again, I only made it through the first five minutes of Cult and never went back.)

Are you watching it? What do you think about it so far?

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AHS: Episodes 5, 6, & 7 thoughts. (SPOILER ALERT)
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