It’s been…a year. I humbly present to you present ideas for those of you still needing some stuff. (Or even for yourselves.)

If you can’t see the pictures, turn off your pop-up blocker (they’re Amazon links).

(Affiliate codes included because I might make a few pennies and it won’t cost you a dime.)

Who wouldn’t want this? I mean, come on. Seriously.
Because we all have that one person we’d love to send there…
For the Monty Python lover in your life.
Because it’s awesome, and you can pretend to attack your office enemies with it.
Per the description, it’s unisex.

(You’re welcome.)


(I might be making that up.)

I REEEEALLY want these.
Why does this have to be for a bride?? Why can’t you swoop into the office party in it?

Talk about making an entrance!

Does your dog have this? WHY NOT, you heathen?
Every office needs one.
This will make your next power outage purrrrrfect.

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Christmas Present Ideas 2017
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