Amazon KU and KOLL payment structure changing.

EDIT: I wrote to Amazon and actually talked to a representative on the phone to get these issues clarified. That blog post is HERE. From the “see, I told you so” files… Amazon has announced that they’re changing the payment structure for books exclusively enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the books that are eligible … Read More

Kindle Unlimited – A great idea, but…

When Kindle Unlimited was unveiled, it initially looked like a great idea. But now, several months later, it’s clearly not the boon many self-published writers initially thought it would be. Nor is it a reader’s paradise. It didn’t take long for scammers to figure out how to game the system with extremely short books, where … Read More

Kindle Unlimited: Another point.

Here’s another blog to add onto my one about Kindle Unlimited from the other day. This came out on Publishers Lunch today and is another good point I hadn’t even thought about yet. Thoughts? Anyone using KDP Select seeing any traction for their titles now that KU is live and active?

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