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(Apparently people are now trying to strip my watermarks off the original Walken-Busey meme I posted. Assshoooooles! Yes, I did create that particular one, and if you look at my Facebook page where I first posted it, you can see the faint watermarks. Hence why I’m now watermarking the hell out of new ones.) So … Read More

So I created a meme, and…apparently…um…well…yeah… LOL #moarcowbell2016 #WalkenBusey2016

So here’s the thing. Those of you who follow me know I have a very…odd sense of humor. Last Thursday, I literally spent five minutes in Pixelmator creating something that made ME giggle because I am sooo totally over this farking election. I had a thought that cracked me up, so I made a meme. … Read More

#sorrynotsorry #moarcowbell2016 My election slate of choice…

#sorrynotsorry #moarcowbell2016 Fun with graphics software! 🙂 LATEST RELEASES Liability (Suncoast Society 33, MMF, BDSM) Bleacke Shifters Box Set 1 The Great Turning (Book 1) Tony’s Collection (Suncoast Society box set) Drunk Monkeys series (Books 1 – 10 now available!) Siren-BookStrand Author Page | Tymber’s Amazon Page | Lesli’s Amazon Page

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