How to make a (hopefully) cat-proof tortoise table top.

I say hopefully because my cats can be creative. And technically it’s not a “table,” it’s a plastic tub, but you get the point. This is Sheldon’s inside home, and hopefully will prevent Grimmy the wonder thief from stealing Sheldon’s greens. (No, he doesn’t eat them. He just plays with them. Because he’s an asshole … Read More

“Pimp Yourself” available again…mostly.

*sigh* Nook, Google, why dost thou vex me? Anyway, my tutorial, Pimp Yourself: Easy, Painless, and Cheap Self-Promotion for Writers, has been revised and uploaded to the standard third-party sites. However, the Nook version is still showing the OLD version. (If the description doesn’t start with (Revised July, 2014) don’t buy it yet.) If you’ve … Read More

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