Update in Progress: Spreadsheet of Buy Links

I’m in the process of updating my spreadsheet of buy links. Instead of having all the individual links on the spreadsheet, I’m listing the book’s page on my website, the BookStrand link (for my Siren-published titles) and the Universal Book Link (UBL) as I create it. That link (the UBL) will take you to the page listing the links to Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. This will make it a little less unwieldy. The spreadsheet also has links to print copies (when available) and audiobooks (ditto). And I’ve added links next to each series header, linking to its page on my website. The old version is still there, on the second tab (look at the bottom) if you preferred it that way, but I’m not going to update that version.

I’m still creating the UBLs for all my books, but all the individual page links are there, and I have buy links on all my book pages.

Didn’t know I have a spreadsheet of buy links?

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Update in Progress: Spreadsheet of Buy Links
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