#TimeMachine Discount – Pinch Me (Suncoast Society)

For a very limited time, you can pick up my backlist title Pinch Me (Suncoast Society 6, MF, BDSM) writing as Tymber Dalton, for only .99 exclusively at BookStrand: https://www.bookstrand.com/pinch-me Laura Spaulding awakes in a hospital following a vicious attack that has stolen her memories of the past. All she has to go on are … Read More

#TBT #backlist – Accidentally on Porpoise (Placida Pod)

Anyone who knows me or who’s followed me on social media for any length of time knows I have a fondness for puns. #thereisnosuchthingasabadpun When I saw a news story about dolphins in Sarasota Bay waters a few years ago, my mind immediately spun to dolphin shifters…and puns. (Yes, I know they’re not porpoises, but … Read More