I’m pleased as punch at the newest selection of Jodie Whittaker to play the Doctor on Doctor Who. I’ve been a fan of this show for over thirty years. It’s canon that Time Lords can and do change gender with regenerations. I. LOVE. THIS! … Read More

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat is a sneaky bastard and has already set up for a future female Doctor.

If you aren’t a Whovian, just…well, I still like you, but your eyes will probably glaze over now. Okay, if you haven’t watched The Husbands of River Song yet, then… SPOILERS, SWEETIE! Steven Moffat (sneaky bastard) gave us a MASSIVE Christmas prezzie that I think most fans haven’t even opened yet, truly. He has set … Read More

That moment… #RiverSong #DoctorWho

That moment when, while watching BBC America’s Hitchcock marathon, fandoms collide…

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