Newsletter and GDPR Update – Last Call!!

I know, I know, sorry. This is a pita for everyone, but the GDPR law kicks in tomorrow. (Or, maybe today, depending on where you are in the world, I suppose!) If you are reading this on WordPress, or you receive this in an e-mail from WordPress, OR you get the FeedBurner-generated e-mails, PLEASE take … Read More

Attention FeedBurner Peeps: Please subscribe to the MailChimp e-mail list.

Due to the new GDPR law, I’m going to discontinue the FeedBurner list. PLEASE subscribe to my updates via my MailChimp newsletter. I will NEVER share/swap/sell or otherwise distribute my mailing list. I will only use it for sending you updates from me. And it’s hosted through MailChimp’s secure servers. Thank you!! Click Here To … Read More

New newsletter system.

I’m biting the bullet and switching from using FeedBurner as my primary “newsletter” to actually using a real fricking newsletter system. LOL I’m still going to have the FeedBurner…eh, feed active. But I’m going to start using MailChimp now. Because I hate spam as much as anyone else, you need to subscribe to it. I … Read More