me-ml-dmr3I’m frequently asked by readers about kinds of characters in my books. Military, law enforcement, and cowboys are usually the top three queries. While I have a few retired military characters, I have several books featuring characters either actively in, or retired from, law enforcement.

Broken Toy (Suncoast Society  – coming February, 2014) features Det. William Thomas (introduced in Pinch Me) and FDLE Special Agent Gabriella (Gabe) Villalobos, who is also former military.

Safe Harbor (Suncoast Society) features a retired county detective.

Dead Moon Rising (writing as Macy Largo) features an active as well as a retired South Dakota Highway Patrol officer.

Stoneface features a Rapid City detective.

Sunset Hearts (writing as Macy Largo) features a Florida fish and game officer.

Two Geeks and Their Girl features a heroine who is both retired military and former law enforcement, now working as a private investigator and firearms instructor.

It’s a Sweet Life (Coffeeshop Coven prequel) features brothers who are an undercover detective and a state attorney.

Hernando Heat, a historical, features a deputy.

So I hope that helps those readers out who are specifically looking for those kinds of characters in their fiction. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Law enforcement characters in my books.
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