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Sparkles the Unicorn with a question markDon’t panic if you had one of my Lesli Richardson books on pre-order on Nook or Kobo and it’s disappeared, or if you’re trying to find one of my Lesli Richardson books on Nook or Kobo and can’t find it. I’m in the process of moving my Lesli titles that I’d used D2D to list the books on those sites over to direct-load through my accounts on Nook and Kobo.

I should have done it a long time ago, but it was a timesaver (at the time) to have them all on one site. It also means I don’t have to give D2D a cut of the sales for those books, either, and I can now utilize the promotions features on Nook and Kobo for my books. (Something you can’t do if they aren’t listed directly on the sites.)

I also have to go play whack-a-mole with old links here on my site, and I’ll make sure I get the UBLs updated, too. You can always search my author name on either site to find all the listed books there. As for the pre-orders, you can go re-pre-order it once it’s live on its respective site. (And thank you for your patience!) The listings should be all updated by the end of the weekend. (I hope!)

Lesli Richardson titles on Nook (B&N)

Lesli Richardson titles on Kobo

I’ve been putting this chore off for too dang long and if I don’t do it now, it won’t get any easier. I’m also using the opportunity to refresh my keywords, categories, and book descriptions while I’m at it. (Something else that was looooong overdue.)

I’m trying to play catch-up with this kind of administrivia on my good days, when I’m not flat on my back from fatigue, or waylaid worse than normal by brain fog. I’m telling you, anyone who says “mild” covid is no big deal is absolutely full of fucking shit. UGH. I’m STILL trying to get over this bullshit. It’s horrible. And while my senses of smell and taste are still screwed up, I’m trying to use essential oils to help “retrain” my nose. (It’s a thing–look it up.) Weirdly, my left nostril is weaker than my right. And when I get the “cigarette smoke” smell, I take an allergy pill and it goes away. So, yeah, THAT’S freaking weird.


Changes to my Nook and Kobo book listings.
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