Hubby’s birthday is February 18th, so we usually manage to combine Valentine’s Day and his birthday. (Hey, if I get screwed every year because my birthday is close to or ON Mother’s Day, it’s fair as far as I’m concerned.)

He gets off easy with me.

Um, I didn’t mean like THAT. (Yes, I write hot stuff, but don’t assume everything I say is dirty…just most of it.)

I’m not a jewelry or flowers or candy kind of girl. I do like gadgets (we’re giving ourselves a Kindle this year to go with our Sony e-reader) but actually, I don’t expect anything on V-day except a card.

My husband, unlike many men, is king of picking cards guaranteed to make me cry my eyes out (happy tears). He takes his time, spends a long time finding just the right one, and it’s always great.

We’re not rich, but we spent a LOT of our early years where all we could afford to give each other was a card. He’s an eloquent man, but he always outdoes himself with the cards.

Frankly, I’ll take that over any present any day of the week.

(Is it any wonder I call him “The World’s Best Husband™” and get inspiration to write the stuff I do?)

Not "Just" a Card.

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  • February 11, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Now that’s what I’m talking about…and that’s what v-day should be about. Way to go girl, what a sweet post, and a lovely relationship you guys have 🙂

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