Open Doors (Suncoast Society 27, MF, BDSM) is now available on Kindle, meaning it’s coming soon to other third-party sites.

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Derrick didn’t set out to open a BDSM club—it was a labor of love. Despite his wife Marcia’s initial reluctance, Derrick’s dream of having a safe place for their friends to play and learn quickly came to fruition. What he didn’t realize was that Venture’s open doors would soon transform into a living legacy, a place where good friends and even better memories were made.

And along the way, sometimes, even families were formed.

Yes, I am working on the last Drunk Monkeys book so I can submit the last four in the series at the same time. Unfortunately, as a pantster, I “follow the voices.” LOL That means when the Doms are yelling at me to write them, that’s what gets written first. (Or whatever it is that is screaming the loudest.) I always have multiple projects in the air at the same time (Drunk Monkeys, Triple Trouble, and others) and I’m in the middle of edits for The Great Turning Trilogy to get them published. Thank you for your patience! (And if you figure out the cloning thing, what do I need to do to get bumped to the front of the line? LOL)

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Now on Kindle: Open Doors (Suncoast Society)
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