I hate this time of year. With my birthday nine days away, it’s a reminder of losing my grandmother back in 2008. She died the day before my birthday — 5/10/2008. My birthday was on 5/11 — which fell on Mother’s Day that year.

And turning the big four-oh isn’t what’s getting me down either. It’s the fact that my grandmother, who was very supportive of my writing efforts, isn’t around to see the fact that I finally became a “writer.” She died just before my first book was contracted.

Yeah, I know, I’m just a fountain of fun today. *sigh* At least I’m not rambling about the royal wedding or Osama bin Laden’s take-down.


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  • May 2, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Want to know something really sad. I was under the impression that Bin Laden had been killed ages ago. Shows how much we pay attention to these things down here in South Africa. Sorry to hear about your gran.

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