Send in the clones. (Please?!?) & #PeepPimpage

Send in the clones. (Please?!?) & #PeepPimpage

Last week there was another incident of some asshole on Facebook openly asking on her Facebook page for links to pirate sites for e-books “because she’s poor and authors make enough.” I. Can’t. Even. Contrary to popular belief, most writers do not make enough money to quit their evil day jobs. Hence why they have … Read More

WTF GooglePlay Books? You are ALLOWING pirates to operate!

This shitstain of a cuntnugget needs to go down: ALL the books he has posted are ILLEGALLY POSTED. And I found out today, after discovering he’d posted at least one of mine, that authors have been sending takedown notices to GooglePlay Books for WEEKS and their books are STILL showing up there. The illegally … Read More

WTFery – Adobe collecting user data via Digital Editions, malicious ebook code, & more.

From the “I can’t make this shit up” files comes a boneheaded revelation about Adobe’s Digital Editions 4, their epub app. Nate Hoffelder over on The Digital Reader blogged about verifying this privacy breach. The software is scraping info about the ebooks a customer reads, how they read it, in addition to other ebooks on the … Read More

Unsung hero in the piracy war.

Patricia McLinn is my new hero. (Or should I say heroine?) She decided to hit the file pirate sites where it really hurts–in their ad sales revenue. You have to read about how she got AT&T to sit up, take notice, and act responsibly to remove their advertising off a file sharing site allowing … Read More

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