BACK in print! The Reluctant Dom and others!

So…pretty big news! My publisher no longer does print versions so they’ve returned the print rights to my books. Yes, including the Suncoast Society books! I’m now in the process of going through all of them and formatting them for print and making new covers for them. (I’m making the covers myself.) This means with well over 100 titles, it’ll take me…a while. LOL

Not to mention that while B&N is like cool, new books, kaitks! the ‘Zon is like yOu MuSt PrOvE yOu HaVe RiGhTs which okay, great, but FUUUUUUUUHHHHHUUUCK they’ve hit three out of four books I’ve posted so far. (So why can’t they take down pirated content that proactively…) I don’t know why they didn’t hold the one. So it might take a while to get them all on Amazon even after they’re done. Assume that they’ll be live on B&N first.

Right now I have Safe Harbor (Suncoast Society 1), Cardinal’s Rule (Suncoast Society 3), The Reluctant Dom (Suncoast Society 4), and Contractual Obligation formatted for print. All four are on B&N, the first three are live on Amazon. I’m currently working on formatting the 3 Triple Trouble prequels into a print omnibus.

Again, I’m doing all the work myself, including making the covers, so it’s going to take me MONTHS to get through them all. The shorter books in the Suncoast Society series, I’ll group them into omnibus volumes to keep the price down. And to answer the other question I’m getting a lot of, yes, I’ll have more Suncoast Society/Triple Trouble books soon. I need to get The Great Turning book 3 out, and a couple of other titles I’m self-pubbing finalized and published.

There is NO “new” story content in these print versions. I am going though them to try to clean up typos I missed before, and tidy assorted things here and there. Meaning I can’t just copy/paste the text into a print template and slap it up there. But if you want to buy them, make SURE you’re buying the NEW print version and not accidentally buying the ebook version.

I will post a pre-order before Shameless Book Con for signed print books.


Safe Harbor: Amazon | B&N

Cardinal’s Rule: Amazon | B&N

The Reluctant Dom: Amazon | B&N

Contractual Obligation: AmazonB&N



BACK in print! The Reluctant Dom and others!
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