Today is a variety of things. I’ve got “Love & Brimstone” submitted to several review sites, so keep your fingers crossed! None of the peer critiques told me it was crap, so hopefully the reviewers will like it too. *LOL*

Have you taken a look at the “Love & Brimstone” book trailer?

Feel free to stop by my MySpace page and show the llluuurrrrvvv. (Uh, metaphorically speaking, of course.) If you have a non-creepy page (ie you’re not a hate-mongering freak or trolling for sexually-related or other sales products) feel free to send me a friend request!

I’m off the Celebrex. *pout* I loved it, but it doesn’t love me. I started having annoying little side effects like skin rash, chills, and feeling sick to my stomach. *sigh* Now I’m back on OTC until I see my doctor again next week. Needless to say, I’m back in pain and bitchy.

And I found this great video through Anne Douglas’ blog. Enjoy!

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