Apparently, like the Tin Man, I have a heart. Contrary to what my ex has said in the past, I’m not a heartless bitch. (I might still be a bitch, but I saw my heart on the echocardiogram, so I have proof positive that yes, I DO have a heart.) The tech said that he didn’t see anything “alarming” (which is his way of saying, “I can’t tell you anything, so don’t hold me to this, but you won’t drop dead in the next five minutes.”) and now I have to wait for my follow-up with my doctor in a couple of weeks to figure out why I’ve got chest pain. The Celebrex samples are fantastic, but now my insurance says they won’t pay for it until I sign over my left arm, my right pinkie toe, and whistle Beethoven’s Fifth backwards while standing on my head drinking eggnog from a demitasse cup.


So apparently I will have a fight on my hands. I don’t WANT to plow my way through a bunch of damn prescriptions that won’t work just so I can FINALLY get my Celebrex. And that’s stupid on my insurance company’s part, because THEY’LL be paying for the trial and error portion of this war while I work my way through other scripts that WON’T FRIGGIN WORK! How do I know they won’t work? Because half of the “alternatives” the Aetna rep listed to me on the phone I’ve already tried and are about as effective on my pain as popping Sweet Tarts. (At least the Sweet Tarts give me a mouth-puckering sugar buzz.)


I’m not asking for vicodin or oxycodone. (I can’t take that stuff anyway, I’m allergic to anything with codeine in it.) I’m not asking for narcotics. I’m just asking for something non-surgical in nature that will keep my pain away the way the Celebrex is currently working.

On the good news front, I received business cards I’d had made for “Love & Brimstone” and they are slick! Glossy on the front, with text on the back. Excellent! I ordered them through Vista Print and they look just like they should. Whoopee! AND…final edits are in and being sent to the proofer. So we’re down to the final wire on the release of “Love & Brimstone.” Eeek! I’m so excited!

Now if I only had a brain and courage!
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