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racy_tararoseWhen Harper Montgomery moves to Racy and joins the marketing team at Notus, she’s pursued by sexy mechanical engineers and Doms, Lee Parker and Mason Sinclair. But when her ex-boyfriend’s cyber stalking becomes serious after he turns up in Racy, her new life is filled with danger.

Lee Parker loved once and had his heart broken. He’s drawn to Harper because of her humor and sexy curves, but can he give away his heart again? And can he share her with his co-worker and best friend? Mason Sinclair is devoted to his work and has always shied away from falling in love. But all that changes when he meets Harper. He has no problem sharing her with Lee, or with the way his heart flutters whenever she’s around.

But when Harper’s ex-boyfriend breaks into Mason’s house one night during a storm, Harper is alone, and her ex is out for revenge. Can Mason and Lee reach her in time?


She knocked on the door, and Mason’s voice called for her to come in. As soon as she crossed the threshold, she sensed the change in both men. They wore dour expressions. Mason sat in the leather chair behind the desk, and Lee was on the sofa, one ankle crossed over the opposite knee, as though they’d been discussing her.

“Miss Montgomery,” said Mason, pointing toward a straight-backed chair in front of his desk. “Come in. Sit down.”

“What did I do, Mr. Sinclair?”

“Sit down. We’re asking the questions this afternoon, not you.” His voice was hard, and even though she knew it was play-acting, she shivered just the same. He was so convincing.

Mason peered at her over the tops of his glasses, which was so damn sexy she nearly came. “You’re here because Mr. Parker and I received an alarming report that you sent out a letter with several mistakes in it to a very important client of ours.”

Harper had to bite back a laugh. This was so much fun, but it was also incredibly corny, like she was in a porno. But, she’d asked for this, and she wanted to make it fun for them.

Lee uncrossed his legs and leaned forward. “You find that funny?” His voice was filled with incredulity, and she decided to play along with the who-gives-a-shit brat angle.

“Yeah, I do. So what? Everyone makes mistakes.”

“But everyone doesn’t get caught,” said Lee, his voice soft but too damn sexy for his own good. “You did. So you’re the one who gets punished for it.”

She let out a quick breath that fluttered her bangs. “Punished? Seriously? Can’t I simply retype the letter? Aren’t you two taking this a bit far?”

The corners of Mason’s mouth turned up, and Harper knew they were enjoying the way she’d played this. It sent her arousal to crazy heights. “No. We had something more enduring and impressionable in mind.” He stood, and as her gaze drifted over his crotch, it was easy to see how aroused he was. “Stand up and lean over the desk, Miss Montgomery.”

“You’re joking. This is a place of business. You can’t do this.”

Lee stood and moved next to her, pulling her out of the chair by one arm. “We’re not joking. Don’t make us restrain you, Miss Montgomery.”

“You can’t do that to me. I’ll go to HR.”

Lee nuzzled her neck, and Harper could barely hold back her moan. “We own this company and HR will be on our side. We can do this, and we will. Now lean over the desk and take your punishment like a good secretary. You brought this on yourself.”

He kicked the chair over, and gave her just enough of a gentle shove that she took a few steps forward, stopping as Mason picked up a thick leather strap and smacked it against one palm. The sound it made sent fresh waves of desire coursing through her body, even while she imagined how much that sucker would burn.

He pointed. “We told you to bend over the desk. Do it now.” His voice was so convincing it was scary, but she absolutely loved this.

“No way. You’re not hitting me with that thing.”

“That’s it.” Lee strode over to the credenza and picked up a coil of soft-looking rope. She’d seen bondage rope in Tye Me Up, and she remembered Alexa telling her that it wasn’t like twine or other kinds of rope. It was very soft and made restraining even bare skin safe and comfortable.

He stepped behind her and pulled her arms behind her back before she could protest. All she could was try to keep breathing as he bound her wrists together, with her arms bent at an angle. It didn’t hurt at all, but she couldn’t move her arms, either.

Mason crossed the room and picked up a small cushion from an armchair. “Move her closer to the desk.” Lee lifted her off her feet and placed her down close to the desk, then lowered her torso over it. Mason placed the cushion under her face, and then Lee lifted her skirt.

“No underwear, Miss Montgomery? That’s against dress code regulations.”

She had to turn her face away from them because more laughter bubbled up. This was beyond anything her imagination could have conjured up. It was silly, but it was also decadent and erotic. “I hate wearing it.”

“Then you just earned extra swats,” said Mason.

The first slap from the strap stung like crazy. She yelled and tried to move away, but Lee moved to her side and placed both hands on her lower back. “Hold still so he doesn’t hit the backs of your legs by accident, Miss Montgomery. You did this to yourself. Don’t forget that.”

Mason struck her again. “It hurts!” She hoped they knew she wasn’t calling a safeword.

“It’s supposed to,” said Mason, smacking her a third time. “Careless secretaries get spanked hard when they break the rules.”

He struck her two more times in a row, and now her ass was on fire. She stepped sideways and Mason stopped. Lee retrieved a spreader bar from the credenza and had it on her ankles before she knew what was happening. Now she was completely at their mercy. Her pussy was soaked, and her nipples hummed. This was far beyond what she’d expected, and she hoped they kept it going for hours.

Lee picked up the paddle and walked behind her, and then he gave her five very hard smacks on her ass with it, stopping for only a second in between each swat. She yelled and tried to squirm away because it really did hurt, but at the same time she hoped they weren’t done. This was exquisite.

Friend Pimpage: Engineering Her Racy Pleasure by Tara Rose
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