#PurpleTears – RIP Prince.

dearlybelovedI was pretty shocked this morning to learn of Prince’s death. Even more so than David Bowie’s. I didn’t honestly realize how old he was. He was sort of one of those musicians who appeared timeless.

I remember listening to his music in high school and college, he was sort of a perpetual soundtrack to those years.

There’s something about losing a celebrity that you came of age in that sphere of influence, even if they’re older than you. It’s one thing to hear about someone famous dying. It’s totally another to have your own personal memories of that person’s influence (usually indirectly) on your life imprinted within you, and then to feel a personal kind of connection to the loss.

He made great music, he didn’t appear to be a personal train wreck like so many celebrities are now. The world is a slightly dimmer place now for his loss.

(Oh, and ps, message to the Universe at large, a bunch of us would request you stop taking musicians and actors and please take a few politicians. Okay? Tkxbai!)

Feel free to share your favorite Prince moments in the comments.

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#PurpleTears – RIP Prince.
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