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s-td-ss-strengthofthepack3The Strength of the Pack (Suncoast Society 30, MF, BDSM) is now on Kindle, which means it’ll be hitting other third-party sites sooooon. 🙂


(Note: This book is a direct sequel to Vulnerable.)

Eva’s world collapsed when Leo announced he was divorcing her. She believed an imperfect marriage was better than none since Leo protected her and their daughter. Then she quickly came to love Jesse, Leo’s new husband, and realizes their “pack” is better, for all of them.

Nate Crawford practices acupuncture and enjoys helping people in his clinic and at Venture, the BDSM club. Family is all to him, because he raised his little sister as a single parent. He thought Leo, Jesse, and Eva were a triad, until matchmaking Tilly gets involved. Their only barrier to long-term love is whatever dark secret Eva keeps deeply buried.

When a confrontation finally forces the truth out, Nate and Eva are able to move forward, with Leo and Jesse’s blessings. But the worst day of Nate’s life pales in comparison when an unexpected crisis forces him to rely on the strength of their pack to carry him through a nightmare he can’t escape.


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Also, s-td-ss-initiative3Initiative (Suncoast Society 31, MMF, BDSM) is now available from BookStrand:


Two years later, Susie mourns the death of her beloved husband and Master, but that aspect of their lives was secret. She now self-medicates with work and thinks love—and passion—are things of the past. When attending her twenty-year high school reunion, her only bright point is reconnecting with beloved friends, Grant and Darryl.

As kids, Grant and Darryl didn’t understand their feelings for Susie…or for each other. It took Darryl going through a disastrous divorce before the men got together and Grant could claim Darryl not just as his partner, but as his slave. They have to keep all aspects of their relationship hidden because of their jobs, yet they immediately recognize the significance of Susie’s bracelet.

That Grant and Darryl now play a far sexier version of Dungeons and Dragons only seals the deal for Susie. When outside forces try to destroy the men’s careers, can Susie take the initiative and save their new-found happiness?


td-ss-impact3Impact (Suncoast Society 32, MMF, BDSM) is coming Oct. 26 and features Tilly, Cris, and Landry (Cardinal’s Rule, Click).


Tilly, Landry, and Cris all thought their lives had settled down and they could relax. Great careers and emotional healing lead Tilly to believe they have a charmed life. In her heart, however, she still mourns the fact that she can never have children. But secure with the love of Landry and Cris, and knowing they have a peaceful future ahead, helps her heal.

Then Tilly gets a call from Sofia, Cris’ younger cousin. The desperate new mother needs their help to escape a dangerous situation, and Tilly cannot turn her back on Sofia…or her newborn infant.

Unfortunately, the tragic impacts quickly escalate as Sofia’s troubles worsen and Tilly, Landry, and Cris find themselves guardians of a newborn. Can they fight relatives and old demons to regain their peace of mind and preserve their

And stay tuned for release dates on books 7-10 of the Drunk Monkeys series. As soon as I have release dates, I’ll pass them on. 🙂 Look for them to all come out between November-January. And trying to get final edits finished on the first book in The Great Turning series.

And now, on to the freebies! 🙂


Please make sure to verify the price before one-clicking. They were free at the time of posting. I make no guarantees to the quality of the book, just that it’s free. LOL 🙂

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Freebie Alert: 10/6/2015
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