Woot! I have a shiny new book cover to show off! 🙂 This is for “Out of Bight, Out of Mind” the fourth installment to my Deep Space Mission Corps series, coming Nov. 30th from Siren.


Emi loves her job exploring the galaxy with her three husbands, Aaron, Caph, and Ford. When a non-human crewman is temporarily assigned to the Tamora Bight for a mission, Emi hates and mistrusts him at first sight due to what her empath training tells her.

Aaron, Caph, and Ford know Emi can’t help what she feels about their temporary crewmate, Kayehalau. But they don’t know if it’s just the jump engines wigging her out, residual nerves from her fight on Kal’moran, or something else. They feel badly Kayehalau’s presence on board makes her nervous, but orders are orders.

Emi knows Kayehalau is up to no good, she just has to prove it. It’s soon apparent he wants to use her for a nefarious purpose. She turns the tables, but only after she’s out of harm’s way does her larger problem become apparent. Can Aaron, Caph, and Ford rescue her when she’s left Out of Bight, Out of Mind?

The first three installments in the series are now available from Siren-BookStrand:

  1. Love at First Bight
  2. Bightmares
  3. Spider Bight
Shiny New Cover! "Out of Bight, Out of Mind" (DSMC 4)
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  • November 1, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    This sounds so good…and I love the cover! Roll on 30th!
    Hugs xx

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