Grimmy the bondage model.

If you haven’t read my book Crafty Bastards yet, these pictures won’t make any sense to you. If you have…well, apologies if you were drinking something while reading and you have now laughed/spewed all over your computer. Grimmy is the inspiration for Baxter, Cali’s cat in that book. No pussies were harmed in the taking … Read More

Happy Sunday, peeps! New releases, TV chat.

It’s that final deadline crunch week of the month. Tomorrow is the release day for Flying Monkeys (Drunk Monkeys 6) YAY! Less than twenty-four hours to go. And in case you missed it, YES, I FINALLY got Geek Chic (Bleacke Shifters 2) released. It’s available on several sites right now, still waiting for Kobo, Nook, … Read More

Welcome, Gidget’s Minion, Sheldon (Or…How we came to own a Russian tortoise.)

We have a few rules around our house. Well, okay, not rules, exactly, but things that make life in general run more smoothly. One of those is I usually should not be allowed to go, unescorted, to places like the grocery store, mass-market pet store, Office Depot, Staples, Target, mass-market pet store, any bookstore, JoAnn’s, … Read More

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