Governor pre-order, release day for A Spanktacular Fourth, and more!

Whew! After getting hung up on Amazon for an unsettling long time, Governor (writing as Lesli Richardson) is FINALLY available for pre-order there (and is available at other outlets for pre-order as well). Woot!

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I kneel for only one man—Carter Wilson, my best friend, chief of staff, and bastard extraordinaire.

It’s a price I willingly pay to be owned by Her.

His wife.

Who is also, as of when we were sworn in this morning, my lieutenant governor.

I am Owen Taylor, governor of the great state of Florida.

Keep an eye out for Lieutenant and Chief to go up for pre-order on Amazon in the next couple of weeks. (You can pre-order them on other vendors already.)

Yes, I’m STILL writing as Tymber, don’t worry. That’s not changing. But I’ve been pecking away at some Lesli books for a long time and they’re finally ready to be released to the wild.

And I’ll be posting pre-order info for The Great Turning books 2 and 3, and Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4) pretty soon.

Watch this space!

(Actually, watch my newsletter! Then you’ll get an e-mail from me about updates like this. LOL)

Release Day!

It’s release day for A Spanktacular Fourth (Suncoast Society 74, MMF, BDSM) writing as Tymber Dalton.

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Life’s never boring with Max and Sean, but Cali wouldn’t have them any other way. Still, it’d be nice if they both had two eyebrows and weren’t trying to set each other on fire. Except when a routine evening volunteering at the club turns into anything but, it’s just the start of a chain of events that will upend all their lives…and leave Cali fighting for hers.

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And the next Cali, Sean, and Max book, A Crafty Ever After, releases on 7/2, so watch this space for news about that pre-order.

My next Suncoast Society release is Blue Motel Room (Suncoast Society 75, MM with ff, IR, BDSM) and is Ron’s story from For the Roses. (Also, for those of you who’ve been wondering who Kimbra’s been dating… LOL)

In the Suncoast Society “coming soon” (heh!) department, I also have a VERY sexy MM Dom vs priest book coming (Come in From the Cold) AND… *drumroll* a Tony and Shayla story (Things to Do in Denver) that will explain some of Tony’s actions/reactions in A Spanktacular Fourth.

Also, for a VERY limited time, my book The Reluctant Dom (Suncoast Society 4, MFM, BDSM) is available for only .99 but ONLY at BookStrand! Click Here

You can see the entire Suncoast Society series reading order and information about the series on its page. Click Here

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New to Kindle:

Through With Love (Suncoast Society 71, MMM, BDSM, writing as Tymber Dalton) is now available on Kindle and other third-party sites!

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Kent is through with love and convinced one man can never satisfy him—or his “monster.” He takes his pleasure from the sexy parties he throws for his friends, watching in silent envy as one after another pairs off and finds love. Meanwhile, an endless string of guys parade through his own bed, while his heart remains completely walled off.

Tim and Paul accidentally fell together, but it was lust at first sight with love soon to follow. They both enjoy their sexy after-hours funtime. When Kent stumbles onto their games, it adds a delicious bonus to their business relationship and redefines the phrase “strange bedfellows.”

Except what starts as fun soon turns into more for Tim and Paul. They know Kent is scared of commitment and has shadows in his past. So does Tim. Can Paul show both men this could be forever, and can they win not only Kent’s trust, but his heart, before it’s too late?

Related Books: This is Kent, Tim, and Paul’s story (introduced in Indifference of Heaven).

Also, make sure to check out my Pre-Orders page for other books I have coming soon. And you can also take a look through my Coming Soon page. I have both my books (as Tymber and as Lesli Richardson) and Hubby’s books listed there.

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Governor pre-order, release day for A Spanktacular Fourth, and more!
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