It’s a scary world lately.

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I think the current events in which we find ourselves mired emphasize why it’s so important to embrace science and to vote for candidates who listen to scientists, listen to doctors, and who make decisions not on their “religion” or on the economy (or their damned bloated egos), but with the greater good in mind.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sacrificing my Hubby (who’s 70), or my parents (who are older than him), or my son, or myself, or anyone else I love just to enrich a few billionaires who pay less in income taxes than I do because of loopholes in the laws.

It’s inexcusable to hold a point of view that some people “have” to die to jump-start the economy again. Fuck that shit. If that doesn’t make you angry, that there are actually politicians saying that shit, and voters willingly agreeing with them, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you, either.

This is why “protest votes” or not voting is inexcusable this upcoming cycle. Because if you are not voting to help try to right this problem, you are actively contributing to it, because failing to vote, or failing to make a decision, is in itself a decision to accept and normalize the bullshit we are now drowning in.


Never again tell me both sides are equally bad. There’s one side that stumbles sometimes, and then there’s the GOP, who is engaged in some Logan’s Run-level evil fucking bullshit. (Just Google it.)

Meanwhile, if you’re a writer, or an artist, keep writing and arting. If you have a craft you do to soothe yourself, do it. Or read. Or play app games that pay real money on your phone. Or binge something that makes you feel good. Whatever you have to do to get through this to the other side.


Get fucking angry and make sure you don’t forget how that anger feels come November.

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It’s a scary world lately.
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