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Bleacke Expectations (Bleacke Shifters 7), Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson, is now available through all the usual third-party retailers. (If you bought it as part of the Fire & Ice Romance anthology, there is NO new content in it, so you don’t need to re-buy it.)

(mf, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, shifters)

It’s all fun and games until the contractions start…

While Dewi’s pregnancy might not have slowed her down much, trying not to freak out her human grazer mate, Ken, has had the same effect. Dewi might be a Prime Alpha and the Head Pack Enforcer for the Targhee wolves, but she’s still Peyton and Trent’s baby sister, and the two Alpha wolves run the Targhee Pack.

That means when they order her back to the pack compound in Idaho as her due date approaches, she can’t exactly disobey. But when she learns Ken asked them to issue the edict, it ruffles her fur in more ways than one.

Dewi’s always been more of a lone wolf, and trying to juggle her new mate and impending motherhood has thrown her off-kilter in an unexpected fashion. Now she needs to figure out how to get Ken to loosen up a little on her leash before both of them get growly with each other in all the bad ways.

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There will be more books in this series.

1) Bleacke’s Geek
2) Geek Chic
3) A Bleacke Wind
4) Bleacke Spirit
5) A Bleacke Christmas
6) Geek-Speak
7) Bleacke Expectations

Incisive Update

Because of everything that basically blew up (and the characters making the books hella long when I didn’t anticipate it) I had to delay the release of Incisive (Inequitable Trilogy 3). It’s not just delaying a book when I have to delay–it’s delaying a book, fucking up the editor’s schedule–all of that. It’s a bunch of dominoes all falling. Take into account that, if I’ve already posted it on Amazon, they only allow one release date change, and if you don’t make that release, they yank your ability to list pre-orders for a year, so it can fuck up a LOT of stuff.

So when I delay a book, I don’t make that decision lightly, and I can’t simply delay one book. It means juggling a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff. Add in now I have a Hubby who’s 70, and elderly parents older than him, who are all in “high-risk” categories with Covid-19–technically, I am, too–this has added an extra stress level to my life.

Incisive is back in the editing line-up and will be out in April. (Once I upload it to Amazon, I’ll post an update about it.) I’ve decided to shuffle the release of the Deviant Trilogy with the Devout Trilogy, because I hadn’t posted the Deviant Trilogy on Amazon yet for pre-order. I still might have to delay the release of the Deviant Trilogy to account for editing, but that’s still up in the air.

I really appreciate everyone’s patience with this! I’m working as hard as I can to get everything caught up. ((HUGS))

Saudade (Maxim Colonies 3) releases on 3/26 everywhere except on Smashwords, where it’s going live on 3/31 (because it wouldn’t let me adjust the pre-order date there). You can pre-order it everywhere:

(Sci-fi/futuristic, MF, human/alien romance)

The love that remains…

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The love that remains…

Kivia Quigley never expected to be the mother-in-law to an eight-foot-tall pink alien, but she’s not complaining. The widow is more than happy to have some joy in her family’s life, for a change.

And when she meets Dr. Mafer H’looder, a brilliant Veraci scientist, she realizes that, despite their drastic physiological differences, they have a lot more in common than just being able to speak each other’s languages.

Like grief, longing, and loneliness

And a greedy, megalomaniacal psychopath determined to get what he wants out of both of them.

There will be more books in this series.

  1. Jailmates
  2. Farborn
  3. Saudade

(Free in KU!)

Her Vampire Obsession (Midnight Doms series) Tymber Dalton writing as Lesli Richardson



I’ve lived a long time. Some might say too long. I honestly don’t know what drew me to Lucius’ club in Tucson, of all hellish destinations, but dark and self-destructive thoughts have increasingly beckoned to me, as of late.

Then I meet her.

She challenges me from the very start and awakens something I’d thought long dead and cold inside my soul. Even her name should burn my lips, yet I can’t let her go.

But when pieces of the past catch up with us, will I be able to keep her safe?


I’ve spent most of my life running, but that bastard had my number from almost the second our eyes meet. He’s the first of his kind to break through my defenses when I thought I was safe here, of all places.

He’s done worse than steal my heart—he’s given me hope.

Now what the hell do I do?

Especially when it looks like my past is catching up with us.

This time, I might have run out of options.


Other books in the Midnight Doms series:

  1. Alpha’s Blood (by Renee Rose and Lee Savino)
  2. Her Vampire Master (by Maren Smith)
  3. Her Vampire Prince (by Ines Johnson)
  4. Her Vampire Hero (by Nicolina Martin)
  5. Her Vampire Bad Boy (by Brenda Trim)
  6. Her Vampire Rebel (by Zara Zenia)
  7. Her Vampire Obsession (by Lesli Richardson)

Alpha’s Blood is part of the Bad Boys Alphas series by Renee Rose and Lee Savino. The series can be read in any order and stand-alone.

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Bleacke Expectations now available at all retailers.