#Update – 02/17/2019 Edition: Wild Wicked Weekend, here I come!
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Right now, my living room and dining room are overflowing with my frantic last-minute (for me) packing and checking (and frantically quadruple-checking) everything I’m taking for Wild Wicked Weekend next weekend in San Antonio, Texas. I can’t wait to see my peeps! I’m actually riding out with friends of mine, meaning I can sit in the backseat and write. (Which I will be, because I’m buried and behind #situationnormalallfuckedup ) Hubby can’t go, unfortunately, so he’ll be holding down the fort at home and taking care of Kiwi and crew.

If you’re going to be there (#shenanigans) make sure to stop by my table Saturday morning for my signing, because I’m giving away a Kindle Fire and TWO print copies of the Passion, Pleasure, Pain benefit anthology! Also, I will have VERY limited print copies of my Lesli Richardson books with me, and of The Reluctant Dom, so if you’ve got them on your wishlist, grab me soon. (Or, if you see me sooner, because I’ll arrive there sometime Thursday, get with me then.) Of course you can buy books from Amazon and bring them with you for me to sign!

I have a new release on Tuesday, A New Chapter (Suncoast Society) and you can pre-order that and the next one in the Suncoast Society series, It’ll Be Fun.

I’ve also updated the Suncoast Society series page with the latest info, some more trivia, and the next book in the series, Night By Night (coming April/May). If you’re in my Tymber’s Trybe Facebook group, you’ve probably already seen the sneak peek for Night By Night there. 🙂 Angsty, teenaged unrequited love given a second chance… le sigh

(Not a member? Feel free to join, and PLEASE answer the three questions, even if you don’t know the answer to the third. It’s to help keep spammers out, thanks!)

Also, yes, I’ll let everyone know once I’m releasing Poly and The Great Turning 3. Blowing a self-pub deadline sucks, but I’ve had projects contracted to Siren that I also have to meet deadlines on, so my self-pubbed titles, unfortunately, get shuffled around. December kicked my freaking ass (#fibromyalgiasucks ) and I’m still unburying from that. Thank you all for your patience! This is also why I haven’t set any release dates or pre-orders yet for the Deviant and Inequitable trilogies (set in the world of the Governor Trilogy) because I want everything currently up for pre-order cleared off my plate first. I should have release dates and pre-orders scheduled for those by end of May.

I also keep seeing release roundup graphics over on Instagram, where authors post about all their releases from the previous year. I decided to do one…

That was a mistake. LOL

Keep in mind, I write ALL MY OWN BOOKS. I do NOT hire ghostwriters–this is ALLLLLL ME. Not all of these are full-length novels, though. Some of them are under 40k in length. I am a speed-touch-typist with a caffeine addiction, and this IS my full-time job. I also have a semi-retired Hubby who takes care of me and the furbabies and all of that. So I’m usually working seven days a week, either writing or editing or promoting or plotting or or or or… (In the case of myself-pubbed releases, I did the covers myself, too.)

And these are in addition to partial WIPs I have in progress, too. Or books I wrote/finished in 2018 which are releasing in 2019.


Gee, WHY am I so tired? Why did I crash so hard in December? Why do my family and friends keep lovingly yelling at me scolding me for working too hard and not taking time off? LOL Seeing it all laid out like this is…wow.

Next Release:

2/19/2019: A New Chapter (Suncoast Society)

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Two new print editions!

A Certain Girl and Disorder in the House are collected together in Suncoast Society Volume 12.

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Suit and Tied and Happy Spank-O-Ween are collected together in Suncoast Society Volume 13.

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Now Available:

The Passion, Pleasure, Pain anthology is now available. (My story is Yes, Governor, Governor Trilogy 3.5, writing as Lesli Richardson.)

All proceeds from this anthology will go to the family of author Doris O’Connor, who passed away on 1/11. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to live to see its publication. (We were originally shooting for 4/1 but bumped up the timetable in hopes to make it.) It’s available in print and in e-book, and will only be available for a limited time.

Also, reviews are GREATLY appreciated, because it will help with the book’s visibility. Thank you!

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#Update – 02/17/2019 Edition: Wild Wicked Weekend, here I come!
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