Lots and lots of news today! #releaseday #suncoastsociety

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I’m literally barely able to move today in the wake of returning home from Shameless Book Con. (And yes, I’m already looking forward to next year!)

My only complaint was that I had horrible issues with the hotel’s wifi, but that wasn’t the fault of the amazing crew who put on an even more amazing event. They’re also going to hold it at a new hotel next year, so we’ll see what happens with the wifi there.

One thing is for certain–the event itself will be AMAAAAAZING!

Let’s start with the biggest news–it’s release day today for Suit and Tied (Suncoast Society, various, BDSM, writing as Tymber Dalton):


Cali and Marcia have a plan to drum up publicity for both Venture and the Two Crafty Bastards Toys website. So they set up a photo-shoot at the BDSM club, featuring several of their volunteers and friends in a variety of poses.

The theme? Suits.

Trying to coax a group of headstrong Doms out of their Friday-casual jeans and khakis and into sinfully sexy suits is tougher than corralling Baxter, Cali’s nip-addicted kinky cat. But when their respective partners get a look at the group of hunky, drool-worthy Doms all dressed up to the nines, you can make a safe bet it’s not just tongues that will be tied!

You can see the entire Suncoast Society series reading order and information about the series on its page. Click Here

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Also, I have a new third-party arrival, and a new print release:

A Certain Girl (Suncoast Society, MF, FemDom, BDSM, writing as Tymber Dalton) is now available on Kindle and other third-party sites:


Rusty and Eliza have survived every trial life has thrown at them. In their thirty years together, there hasn’t been a storm they couldn’t weather. They’ve been partners in everything, and Eliza is the glue that holds Rusty’s tattered soul together.

Now toss in spending a month apart while Rusty is overseas for work, combined with an emotionally triggering curveball from where they least expect it. Parenthood is hard, but letting go is even harder, and Eliza makes choices to withhold info from Rusty for his own good.

When a normally reliable outlet for Rusty becomes embroiled in a battle for control, will the dependable barbarian finally snap, or can Eliza rein in her hard-headed and emotional knight before he does something he can’t take back?

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And, new to print — Blue Motel Room (Suncoast Society, MM, FF, BDSM, writing as Tymber Dalton):


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All Other E-book Purchase Links: https://www.books2read.com/td-bluemotelroom

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You do not sleep with your best friend’s girlfriend. Especially not when you’re both extremely drunk on mead…and gay. Ron hoped the night with Eve was nothing more than a figment of his imagination that will never return to haunt him, or harm his friendship with Kimbra.

Except Kimbra also had a regretful drunken interlude she hoped would never see the light of day.

Enter the adorable Dr. Ivan Mercado, who carefully conceals deeply tragic personal truths. The young and talented surgeon leads a secret double life to deal with his darkest pain and has never let anyone inside his armor before. Until he meets Ron, and the Viking Dom easily peels away Ivan’s shell without even trying.

But actions have consequences—ones that can last a lifetime. Will the worst mistake of Ron’s life turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him? Or will it destroy both men’s lives and crush their hearts forever?

Related Books: We first meet Ron in For the Roses. Kimbra is first introduced in Two Against Nature, and has appeared as a secondary character in several books, including Our Gravity. Eve first appears in Splendid Isolation and Fire in the Hole. While those books don’t have to be read first to enjoy this one, you’ll learn more backstory information about them if you do.

Determination Trilogy available for pre-order:

Did you know you can pre-order the Determination Trilogy? It’s a standalone spin-off trilogy set in the same world as my Governor Trilogy (writing as Lesli Richardson).

Click Here for more info!

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Lots and lots of news today! #releaseday #suncoastsociety
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