Shameless Book Con 2018, here I come! #Shameless18 #ShamelessRick
Yes, I have a full Rick Sanchez costume ready to go. Obviously that’s just the wig and portal gun.

It is that time again! Shameless Book Con 2018 is this weekend in Orlando, and as of right now, I’m at table 22, right between Candace Blevins and Annabel Joseph.

cue fangirl hyperventilating in 3…2…

They do have a caveat posted that the seating chart is subject to change, so check the sheet they give you at check-in.

Thank god bestie Trish is going to be there with me! Yes, if you’re there, stop by and get something signed, meet us, meet Sparkles the unicorn–all that great stuff! ūüôā (Please forgive me if I don’t shake hands or do much hugging, my hands are killing me and my pain levels are off-the-charts right now. Gentle fist bumps, please, and thank you!)

I will be holding a giveaway for a brand new Kindle Fire. (Must be present to win.) So make sure to stop by my table to enter that. ūüôā

So for the gala Saturday night, my current plan is to go as Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad movie version) but that might also depend on my pain levels. I have Rick Sanchez ready to go. (From Rick and Morty, and yes, that is a portal gun.) The picture here is me trying the wig on. I have the hair gel to spike it, the lab coat, the T-shirt and pants–everything.

(Don’t know what Rick and Morty is? Here, and¬†Here, and Here, and Here and Here¬†and¬†Here… I’ll wait and meet you back here.)

Up to date now? Great!

Okay, soooo I might Rick out Thursday at the hotel… LOL Who knows? I’m doing a sort of Arkham Harley version for the cocktail party Friday night. (Orrrrr….maaaaybe Rick…)

I will be carrying around a special little goody with me when I Rick out, so the FIRST person who comes up to me AS MORTY (not dressed as Morty, just talking like Morty, although bonus points and a free book for you if you actually DRESS as Morty) and who addresses “Rick” in one of several countless ways that are acceptably “Morty,” will get the bonus goody. (No, not going to tell you–you need to watch the show. LOL) #ShamelessRick

If you’re on Instagram, I’ll be posting a lot on there this weekend, and their hashtag is #Shameless18 (I also use #crankywriter a lot. LOL) So feel free to follow me there. I’ll also be posting on my Tymber Dalton Facebook page.


The Great Turning: Into the Turn (Book 2) [writing as Lesli Richardson] is now out in e-book and should be available in print on Amazon in the next day or so. Just waiting on them to process that file. (If you participated in the GoFundMe, I will be sending out links next week when I’m back from Shameless, thank you for your patience!)

Bleacke Spirit (Bleacke Shifters 4) [writing as Lesli Richardson] is available in e-book and print.

Suit and Tied (Suncoast Society) [writing as Tymber Dalton] is available for pre-order from BookStrand.

Happy Spank-O-Ween (Suncoast Society) [writing as Tymber Dalton] is available for pre-order from BookStrand.

Hubby has two new books, A Pumpkin Kind of Love [writing as Haley Jordan] and Dancing With a Dead Man [writing as Jon Dalton].

The Governor Trilogy [writing as Lesli Richardson] is available both in e-book and print formats.

The Determination Trilogy [writing as Lesli Richardson] is available for pre-order everywhere, including Amazon. (It will go live day of release on Smashwords.)

The Devastation Trilogy [writing as Lesli Richardson] is available for pre-order everywhere BUT Amazon. (I can’t do a pre-order on Amazon earlier than 90 days before release.)

Check out Numb As a Statue (Suncoast Society) and Word of Mouth (Suncoast Society) – coming soon!

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Shameless Book Con 2018, here I come! #Shameless18 #ShamelessRick
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